Weekly News w/c 27/01/19

Posted by Ruth Broad on 24 January 2019

Sunday 27th January: Engage Service at 10.30am with Andy Holmes and the Engage team

Songs and readings as announced


Church security - Please read

On Monday 4th February 2019 the Alarm code to access the church building is being changed. The reason for the change is because under the new GDPR regulations the Church Council has to have a list of all the key holders of the church building. 

You will therefore need to speak to Celia Smith prior to this date to sign to confirm that you have temporary charge of a church key, and the reason for having it.  In return, Celia will let you know the new Alarm code to access the building. This should enable us to identify all the key holders within the church. If you fail to see Celia you can email her on bckcsmith@sky.comor send a message on 07870911204 and then sign at a later date.

As a general reminder the church key will be your responsibility, it should not be lent, borrowed or passed to any other person, Church member or none Church member. If this is done without our knowledge, then it could effect our church insurance. In the same way, should you misplace or lose your church key you need to let Celia know immediately. 

I would also be grateful that once you have been told the new alarm code, you keep the number to yourself to enable all the key holders to come forward and speak to Celia directly. More importantly we should not be disclosing the Alarm code to any other individual to ensure the safeguard of the assets of the church.

Your help with the above will be much appreciated.


Monday 28th Jan 7.30pm at Trinity: Christian Aid meeting for Long Eaton and Sawley group. If you would like to come along, it's a great opportunity to find out more about Christian Aid and its work with the world's poorest people in over 50 countries. Please see Libby or Kathryn if you'd like to know more.


LOST A hearing aid was lost in the Church following Mondays Funeral. Any information please let Howard or a member of his family know. Thanks


Wanted – We are needing new recruits to join the notices team as a couple of our team step down to do other things. If you can help, let us know (typing the sheet, then uploading to the website and mailing site). Speak to either Ruth Broad or Sarah Sedgwick for more details.


Living Christianity - The meeting will aim to encourage Christians to be confident and effective in taking a stand as salt and light in our nation. Senior Researcher Rhys Curnow and Senior Designer Matthew Crouch will speak about concerns facing Christians today, such as: Family, Gospel Freedom & Gender Ideology. 
Tuesday 5 February 7:30pm – 8:45pm


Hi - is anyone interested in joining a new art and craft group whatever your hobby may be, sewing, painting, knitting, bible journaling etc come and share with like minded people  In the day time and first date is Wednesday 6th of February. Depending on numbers either at my studio (not much room) or at church. All welcome. See Sheila or ring 01158497682.


Cleaning of building. We are pleased  to welcome Eddie our cleaner back after his Hernia operation. However he will not be handling and lifting tables and chairs and any heavy objects for some time yet, so all using the building are still requested to make their own arrangements for putting them out and back. We wish Eddie well as he continues his recovery over the next few weeks. Our thanks also to Andy for his help while Eddie has been away. It was much appreciated.


Friends International - Just wanted to say that we really appreciate all the prayer and support you've given us over the past couple of weeks. In terms of Tim's work with Friends International we're about a third of the way towards our start goal so we still have a way to go. If you would like to support us either financially or prayerfully please speak to Tim or Miriam. If you've got the forms already if you could take a few minutes to fill it in that would be great.


Please note Jane Allen has a new email address janemallen60@gmail.com. The old one will finish next week so please use the new one from now on if you need to contact her. Thank you 


Dates for your Diary


Leadership Meeting Tuesday 29th January @ 7.30pm.


Monday 11th Feb 7.30pm: Pastoral Care meeting, for all house group and care group leaders.


Trinity Ladies Network. Our next meeting is on Thursday January 24th at 7.15pm. It will be a nibbles and games evening. All ladies are very welcome to join us. 


Board Game and Curry evening on Saturday 16th March for families and young people in fact the whole church. More details later !!


Trinity Mens Fellowship next meeting is on Thursday Feb 14th at 7.30 pm. It will be a members evening and open to everyone who has a story, an incident or a happening to tell.

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