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Accessibility at Trinity

We aim to empower everyone, irrespective of any physical or earthly boundaries, to explore their place in God's kingdom without the fear of pity or reprisal from others.


We aim to ensure that provision is made to enable full inclusion in all aspects of church life, including our varied social gatherings, for all needs including registered disabilities, individual circumstances, dietary requirements, emotional or mental health barriers and carer support.


We respect everyone as an individual brother or sister in Christ and deny stigma, isolation or fear a place amongst our community.


Examples of accessibility provisions that we currently provide include:

  • Liturgy and hymn books available in large print or on tablets

  • Lift

  • Gluten free communion and produce at our coffee mornings

  • Hearing loop, portable and static (in our worship area)

  • Information and resources in widget format


If we are not yet providing for your personal needs please come and have a chat so we can support you.


Feedback is really important to us, as is responding to the feedback. Please contact us to give feedback. 

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