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Sue Bradley Safeguarding Officer
Sue Bradley
Safeguarding Officer
David Hawker Safeguarding Administrator

The Methodist Church values every human being as part of God’s creation. Everyone has the right to fair treatment and protection from harm.

Download our full safeguarding policy

Contact the Safeguarding Officer Sue Bradley

The Methodist Church commits to:

  • The creation of a safe environment and culture where all are welcome and everyone feels able to speak out about safeguarding concerns

  • Pastoral care for victims and survivors of abuse, and other people who have been affected by safeguarding issues

  • A prompt and appropriate response to every safeguarding concern or allegation regardless of status or circumstance

  • Carry out risk assessments and put safeguarding measures in place where individuals may present a risk

  • Pastoral care for those who are the subject of concerns or allegations

  • Safe recruitment of all those who have responsibility for children and adults who may be vulnerable

  • The promotion of good safeguarding practice through effective training, guidance, policy and procedures

Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility

Contact the Safeguarding Officer Sue Bradley.

Download our full safeguarding policy - incorporting anti-bullying policy

Access relevant guidelines and policies

Domestic abuse

Social media

Wifi use

David Hawker
Safeguarding Administrator
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