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Hosting refugees in your home

Do you have a spare room? Have you got even a passing interest in hosting a refugee?

Two of us went to a meeting about hostingn. Here is a run down of what we found out:

The government processing of applications for asylum in the UK has sped up recently. This means more people are receiving the Right to Remain in the UK but then have no accommodation to bridge the gap between getting their Visa and finding work and a place to live.

Desperately, people are being made homeless. In fact, charities are reduced to giving out tents.

Staff at Host Derby (run by charity Upbeat) are experts in hosting and will facilitate the whole process. They want to ensure hosts and guests have a safe and happy experience.

Upbeat staff are on hand at all times for support and advice. An “out-of-hours” support line is available for any concerns.

Upbeat advertises hosting as short-term emergency accommodation to refugees so there is no expectation for it to be open ended. You, as host, have full permission to set the terms of the stay – including timescale, house rules etc

The process

1. House check – Upbeat come out and check that your house is appropriate for hosting

2. DBS check for hosts

3. Introduction with potential guest – this is done online and you have time after the introduction to make a decision as to whether you are happy to host them

4. Weekly placement review – this is done online with host, guest and Upbeat. This weekly review happens for the first month and longer if you wish

5. Upbeat provides signposting sessions for guests including “finding accommodation”, “finding work”, “CV writing”, “move on sessions”, “benefits”, “Universal Credit” to ensure they are encouraged to become independent

All situations are different. Some guests need more support than others. Some hosts wish to treat a guest as part of the family, others simply let them come and go like a lodger. Upbeat are always around for a conversation and to help you work out any niggles or arising issues.

Next steps

- Contact Upbeat to express your interest in hosting -

- Attend an information evening in Derby to find out more

- Attend a short training evening

- Start the process!

For more information visit or email Host Derby 

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